Ballin’ Carmen Hayes

You would not feel Carmen Hayes is also a basketball star, would you? We know she’s a SCORE star. We know she has huge tits and a hot ass. We know she can place her ankles behind her neck and can fuck in that position. We know she fully drains the nuts of any man who has the chance to stuff her hoop. (Just verify out Carmen in the film Busty Hookers.)

In this SCORE Video, we take you behind the scenes at a stadium that can’t be named and to the ladies locker area, exactly where Carmen shows, as soon as once again, why she’s a champ at stopping the clock and pumping the cock. Fortunately, the other players on Carmen’s female basketball group have currently exited immediately after the major game so Carmen can begin The Big Show for her fuck-pal.

There are occasions when Mother Nature gets it suitable and mixes almost everything into one particular fantastic package. In the case of curvaceous Carmen Hayes, nature got it a lot more than suitable. This lady has it all: fantastic huge tits, fantastic ass, killer legs, brains, a beautiful smile and the potential to place her legs behind her neck and a lot more. And did we mention she loves to lick every single drop of cum?


Big Tits



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