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    Body Magic by Sha Rizel

    Sha Rizel wears a red top rated over a black bra, skintight black pants and star-spangled higher heels. Very American footwear. Sha requires off her top rated. Her huge breasts type higher-crested boob mounds in her supportive bra. She kicks off her footwear and pulls off her pants to reveal her slim hips in black panties.

    Sha stands up and fondles her physique and massive tits, her metallic bracelet producing jangly sounds as her hands slide about her slim and stacked figure. Her underwear is about to be left on the way to the divan in a couple of seconds. The camera is low and pointing up at Sha for some attractive in-your-face angles. Sha removes her bracelet and drops it on the divan. Stretching out on it, Sha is now entirely nude and barefoot.

    Sha caresses her pussy and hooters and sticks her tongue out to lick her boobs. She requires a single of her metal earrings and rubs it on her, then tosses it. She alternates among rubbing her pussy and her tits, writhing from the pleasure she is providing herself. A girl who’s critical competitors in any beauty contest she enters, Sha has a highly effective sensuality that the camera picks up no matter if it is in photographs or in video.