Claudia is a Foot Fetish Slave

We very first see Claudia receiving all gussied up in black pantyhose, attractive heels with rhinestones, a black corset best and a red wig. We do not know what we’re in for but, but it really is clear she’s seeking hotter than ever. Then we understand she’s been preparing for an erotic rendezvous with a man who will please her pussy and her peds the way she likes. “Enter,” she commands from across the area, patiently awaiting her slave.

Her new fuck toy comes more than and starts to massage her legs and feet. We can only envision how soft and smooth her legs really feel with these attractive nylons wrapped about them. He gets down on the floor to suck her scrumptious peds as she rubs her clit by way of a hole in her gusset. By now, you need to have a raging tough-on, just like her slave, but wait…it gets greater.

Claudia’s not the kind not to return a favor. She rapidly starts gobbling down on this stud’s massive cock, producing all sorts of attractive, sloppy sounds with her slutty mouth, caressing her legs although she continues to suck. She moans in ecstasy simply because she loves to suck cock to get herself wet for the impending fuck. Moments later, you and her slave are each rewarded as she gasps for air although receiving her scrumptious pussy and asshole pounded tough and rapidly. If you have not began stroking off, do not be concerned, Claudia now provides you permission.




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