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Cream For A Cat Girl

Sheridan Love doesn’t know where she is or how she got to this strange place. It’s not a prison even though it looks like one. A school for naughty, wayward girls, maybe? Some weird urban club where they dress like cat woman? Could be.

Dressed in jungle prints, Sheridan couldn’t slide her body into clothing that’s any tighter. She needs to take them off. A shadowy figure off to the side approaches with something in his hand. Sheridan kneels, the hand raises and a shower of white cream comes pouring down from above her head.

Sheridan sticks out her tongue to catch the creamy drippings. What she can’t lap up falls on her big boobs. As the cream builds up, Sheridan’s body is completely covered and dripping. She rubs the stuff into her now coated body. She licks it off her tits. Her skin soaks in the cream. With one hand, Sheridan rapidly rubs her pussy. Standing up, she leans against the wall to finger her slit. Now all that’s left is to wait for her next feeding like the sexy kitty she is.

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