Creamed Cookie with Maserati

Please note: creampie inside!

With her thin waist, gigantic natural J-cup boobs and a juicy butt, Maserati has the rack dreams are created of but she is no mirage. “That’s the one issue folks say a lot about me, that I have huge boobs and a little waist,” mentioned Maserati in her attractive voice. (She’s a singer but only sang when in SCOREtv Holiday edition 2011.)

Maserati enters the space and straight away owns it, her spectacular physique poured into tight pink pants and tight blue halter major more than a tight bra. No debate about Maserati is permitted. She is a super-lady. There are billions of females walking the planet. There is only one Maserati.

Maserati gets on the couch and waits. While she waits for sex, she pops her major and rubs her impossibly enormous tits. It’s bosom-mania. Tony shows and tends to make a straight line suitable for her boobs, burying his face in her soft, supple breast-flesh.

The heat is on. He drops his pants and plops his prick in her mouth and involving her tits. In a doggie-pose, Maserati sucks and tit-massages his dick some extra. Ready to ride and make some hay, she mounts his sausage-saddle and bounces away, the initially of a number of pole positions.


Big Tits



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