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    Cummin’ the Backdoor with Aryana Adin

    Aryana Adin is a hot piece of ass from California. She likes going for extended runs, studying a variety of subjects from culinary arts to youngster psychology and banging each ladies and males. What else can we inform you about Ms. Adin? Well, we can give you a small insider secret. When she shot this scene with John right here, she came for the initial time from anal sex. That’s proper. That ass got tapped till she tapped out! Way to tap that ass!

    BootyLiciousMag.com: We’re glad you happen to be back, Aryana!
    Aryana: And I am glad to be back. Especially considering that I came definitely really hard even though shooting these pics. It was the initial time I had an anal orgasm, as well.

    BootyLiciousMag.com: Wait, you imply you essentially came when this stud fucked your asshole? Wow! That’s hot.
    Aryana: I know! It’s thoughts-blowing, proper? But it was so wonderful. Everything was in sync. I was definitely horny and his dick felt so large and really hard in my ass and from a single second to the subsequent, I was cumming and it was by far the finest orgasm I have ever had. It was intense!