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    Dolly Busts Out

    “I’m a long-time fan of SCORE myself,” says newcomer Dolly Fox. That always makes us feel we’re doing things right. Attractive, slim, stacked, blonde, leggy… Dolly has the looks, tits and sexy body to go far. It’s great to hear that Dolly has been following us and is a fan of the SCORE Girls. Now Dolly’s a SCORE Girl herself with her web debut and she will be making her print magazine debut in the January 2016 edition.

    Born in Lithuania and making her home in Belgium, Dolly loves dressing to direct attention right to her chest. We’ve seen some of her public photos at comic book conventions and other places and her success rate in that goal is 100%. “I get mostly positive attention from men and women and I love it,” said Dolly, who wants to supersize her tits even more.

    SCORE: Dolly, the outfits, bras, panties and shoes in your SCORE shoots–those are your personal clothes?

    Dolly: Most of the clothes are mine and all of the shoes are mine. I’m crazy about high heels

    SCORE: Do you wear these outfits in public also?

    Dolly: Some of them yes. I never try to hide my boobs. I like to show what I have.

    In this introduction, Dolly goes for the naughty coed look in a skimpy, plaid two-piece and, on the subject of supersizing, what she does in this video will supersize your junk. Include her sexy accent in the mix–Dolly’s English is excellent–and you’ve got newcomer nirvana. Welcome, Dolly Fox!