Double Your Pleasure

What’s the all-time quantity a single male fantasy? Kings, wealthy males and politicians have lived this fantasy for centuries. It’s fucking two females in a threesome. This craving busted out in SCORELAND with Kelly Christiansen and Karen Fisher, two hot, busty blondes who have been game to go.

In “Double Your Boob Pleasure,” now re-mastered in higher-definition, a SCORE reader checks out an problem and pauses to feast his eyes on a photo of Kelly. When he appears up, Kelly and Karen are standing subsequent to him, decked out in outfits that girls only put on for sex. “Isn’t this what you wished for?” Karen asks. There was no time to waste on chatting. These twin breast mates gave their fuck dude the greatest satisfied ending of his life.

Said Kelly about this threesome and her other videos, “When I watch a single of my scenes, I am like, ‘Oh, wow! That’s kinda hot!’ When I am carrying out it, I am not pondering about the finish solution or what it is going to appear like. I am into the moment of it.”

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