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    Fantasy Fox

    Prepare to go out of your mind as soon as Larissa Linn enters the office in “Fantasy Fox.” Her auditing work will have to wait for another time. Larissa plans to put on a T&A show that will melt your screen. If she was a co-employee, you’d never get any work done with her walking and bouncing her big boobs around the place.

    Covergirl of July 2015 Voluptuous magazine, Larissa says that becoming a model has made her more of a sensuous woman. “When I think about being a model and looking at my pictures and videos, I am happy.”

    Even though Larissa is only 21 (born June 6), she has a confidence years beyond her youth. Even though she is new to modeling, she looks as if she has been doing this for years. “Modeling is like being in a fantasy land. I enjoy the process and the final results. It is like nothing I have ever done before in my life. I am lucky that I have such talented people to help me.”