First-Timer With a Bush! with Angie

Lives: Worcester, England Occupation: Retail worker Age: 18 Born: February 17 Ht: 5’0″ Wt: 99 pounds Bras: 32B Panties: Anything attractive Anal: I have not however BJs: Spit Masturbate: Once a day!

“You can in all probability inform that I am nervous in these photos,” Angie told us. “It was the 1st time I’d ever had nude pictures taken of me! I’ve wanted to model for ages. I ultimately identified a bloke prepared to shoot me, so right here I am! I know that I look like a prissy, very good girl, but I am truly horny inside. And now that I’ve moved out of my parents’ home, I can let loose! I do not have a boyfriend, but I bring boys back to my flat and shag all the time. I really feel so adult!”

“I’ve by no means been with a girl, but I utilised to do gymnastics, so I’ve noticed other girls’ vaginas. I know that most girls shave their kitties. I adore my pubes, even though! The only way I’d get rid of them is if a boyfriend asked me to, but I’d be bummed to do it! In my whole life, I’ve only shaved after! That was a error. But if a guy wanted me to shave, I’d do it so that he was delighted. I have not received any complaints about my bush however! I assume most blokes are just delighted to be acquiring some action.”





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