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    Fruit of the Boobs

    Suzumi Wilder looks good enough to eat. She’s a blond cutie with a set of DDD-cup tits we’d like to bite into like an apple. And we wouldn’t mind giving her sweet cherry a few licks and nibbles, either. Suzumi’s latest scene opens with her giggling as she bounces her soft naturals for the camera. We’re unsure if she’s ever looked cuter than she does right now. There’s a bowl of fruit on the table in front Suzumi, and she looks pretty pleased when she notices a banana.

    “It’s so big,” Suzumi says as she picks it up and rubs it between her breasts. “It fits perfectly right between my tits.”

    There’s something in our pants we think would fit between her tits even better, though.

    “I love big fruit,” Suzumi adds. “Especially between my tits. It’s so much fun.”

    We can hear the frantic footsteps of guys worldwide rushing over to their local market’s produce section.

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