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    Girl Of Your Dreams

    Writes Jack from Chicago, “Kate Marie is a beautiful and desirable lady, and I hope The SCORE Group can convince this gorgeous babe to make many return trips to the SCORE studios.”

    That’s a fact, Jack.

    “My boobs are a 36H,” Kate says. “They’re been this size for about three years. And some people think 36 is so big, but it’s not. It just means you have broader shoulders to compensate for carrying around something that’s so big.”

    Kate painted a vivid description of how her peachy pair should be treated.

    “Whenever you grope a woman, you don’t grope her from the top. That’s not comfortable. You don’t grab them from the front and squeeze them. You should come from the side and grope there and knead them like dough. From the side and under and push them together and kneading, but not like stress-balling. It’s not a stress ball! Don’t do it.”

    Words for breast-men to live by.