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    Handle With Care

    It’s time to get touchy-feely with our full-chested friend Vanessa Y. When last we saw Vanessa, she was being picked-up and whisked to a hotel (“Hooked On Vanessa Y.) Some soothing hands by a masseuse will make her feel all warm and cozy and horny. But first, Vanessa sets the scene. She really knows how to make a seductive entrance.

    The Polish bra-buster walks into the room, carefully maneuvering the steps, the sound of her high heels on the wooden floor announce her arrival. With so much attention paid to her great big natural boobs and her extravagant muff, Vanessa’s sexy legs and feet can get overlooked.

    Vanessa erotically bounces and squeezes her tits through her low-cut top and bra, then lowers her tight shorts and blouse. Now in her purple bra and panties, Vanessa checks herself out in the mirror, and after seeking approval in your eyes, she slips off her lingerie. Now totally naked, Vanessa sits in a chair to continue playing with her heavy, bare breasts. She spreads her pussy lips wide and shows her juicy, pink taco, framed by her thick bush. Her aroused nipples are hard and erect.

    It’s time for Vanessa’s rubdown. She lies on the bed and says, “I want massage.” We’ll never see the masseuse who squirts massage gel on Vanessa’s boobs, just her hands as she palms and rubs these Polish national treasures. While Vanessa’s twins are being caressed, her own hands wander to her pussy and get busy. When the masseuse exits, Vanessa wants to cum. Her big toy-friend will give her the orgasmic thrill she craves.