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    Her Body Calls You with Larissa Linn

    Larissa Linn brings her unbelievably attractive rack back to SCORELAND and this time, Larissa is outdoors in a pastoral setting. Are you prepared for her? She outdoes Daisy Dukes in each and every way. This girl can not take a bad image even if she attempted. She’s as well stunning.

    “I like getting outdoors when the climate is good and warm so I genuinely enjoyed taking the photos and generating this video,” Larissa mentioned on the way back to town. “It was extremely secluded with no persons about and no one particular could see what we had been carrying out.”

    It was also good for Larissa to get away from her quantity-crunching desk job (she’s a certified accountant and auditor) and be her genuine self: sensuous and attractive.

    “After a day of posing, I do not go out to celebration. I have dinner with the crew and go to my area and study till I fall asleep. One of my favourite writers is Panteleimon Kulish, a 19th century Ukrainian. He translated Shakespeare into Ukrainian!”


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