Holiday Of Hooters with Katie Thornton

It’s normally a vacation of hooters at SCORELAND and right here comes Katie Thornton to drive that spirit dwelling, decked out in her Santa’s helper outfit. Your Yule log will thank you. We have no thought how the old guy ever gets his deliveries completed with the distraction of Katie about to spread the joy.

L.S. has to say that Katie is 1 of “the most attractive girls ever to have graced SCORE. An totally beautiful face, physique and magnificent breasts to evaluate with any girl anyplace, I can only handle about 3 minutes ahead of I explode with the believed of her beauty, but I am functioning tough at it.”

Voting in the SCORE Newcomer of the Year contest is hectic and tight with so numerous curvy candidates to select from. Some of the comments on the create in ballots for Katie consist of:

“A British beauty that can not be ignored!”

“As a Brit I have to go for the Brit but I believe she is the tops this year anyway.”

“I did not know who to choose for Newcomer. After a handful of weeks of considering it more than, I had to go with Katie Thornton strictly from a face, boobs and physique point of view, like I was a judge at a beauty pageant, not what she does or does not do.”

It’s normally the most great time of the year with a babe like Katie.


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