Hoochie On Her Hustle with Kara Kane

Kara Kane is a huge-bootied mama who desires to be a star. And with her huge cheeks that jiggle and her snug and horny asshole, she is unquestionably going areas. And Kara knows that. That’s why she is prepared to hustle her way to the best, even if it suggests she has to drop the poom-poom on a couple of higher-powered cocks to get exactly where she requires to go. But Kara is not the only hustler about. She is about to meet a white boy who’s a janitor by day and a wannabe rapper by evening. He may well not be a CEO, but the minute he tells Kara that he can make her renowned, she is droppin’ her panties and droppin’ it like it really is hot on his cock. In this case, chance is knockin’ and Kara Kane is knockin’ boots.




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