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    “I’m A SCORE Girl!”

    And every inch a SCORE Girl she is. Desiree Vega’s a California bikini beach bunny. She wanted to bust into SCORE and she’s accomplished her goal. Desiree’s first magazine appearance is in October 2015 SCORE.

    Ultra-sexy, Desiree has a difficult time shopping for tops, bikinis and bras. “Everything doesn’t fit because of my chest,” said Desiree who has 36G tits. “So I need to buy stretchy shirts.”
    Men and women react differently to Desiree.

    “People stare a lot,” Desiree said. “Women will often times want to touch. That’s very common. Some of them get to touch, if they’re nice. It depends on their personality. Men don’t. They don’t even approach me like that, not like a girl will. I get more attention from women than from men.”

    The overused acronym OMG was invented for Desiree and for girls as stacked and slim as she is.

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