Kim Anh’s anal sex lesson

Today, we’re not going to merely jack off. We’re going to learn something. And if you have a wife or girlfriend, tell her to pull up a seat because she can learn something, too. Today, 62-year-old Asian wife, grandmother and mom Kim Anh is going to teach us how to have anal sex.

“I will walk you through how to enjoy anal sex,” Kim says. “It’s very, very simple.”

First, Kim shows us what we’ll need: enemas for the night before and the morning of. She tells us exactly what to do. She instructs the woman to finger her ass if she doesn’t have a toy.

“I usually enjoy a toy,” Kim says.

If you have a wife or girlfriend, you can finger or toy her ass for her. But be gentle! You’re trying to prime her asshole, not power-bang it.

Then Kim’s man shows up. “He’s here to help us and demonstrate what I’m talking about,” she says.

Kim steps away for a moment and returns wearing very sexy slutwear. She lubes up the dildo and slides it into her ass. Not her pussy. Her ass. This is an anal sex demonstration. Then she sucks his cock. And then it’s time to fuck. And where does Rocky fuck her? In the ass, of course. This is not about the pussy. This is about the ass.

Eventually, Rocky gets around to fucking her pussy but not before he’s fucked Kim’s ass every which way. Finally, he cums on her face.

There’s an old saying that goes, “Those who can’t, teach.” Kim can. And she can teach. And she can get us off every single time.

Kim Anh’s anal sex lesson made by a rocky cock.




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