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    Lyla fucks her boyfriend’s son

    Tarzan is sitting on the couch, waiting for his father to show up so they can watch the game.

    Lyla Lali, the hot girlfriend of Tarzan’s father, comes home and sees Tarzan sitting on the couch.

    Where’s Dad? Nobody knows.

    “How do you think we should spend the time without your father?” 46-year-old Lyla asks. She has some ideas. She’s wearing a skirt that’s slit so high up the back that you can see her ass even when she doesn’t bend over.

    Lyla is wearing a sheer top, too. You can see her bra.

    “I was looking at pictures of your Dad when he was younger,” Lyla tells Tarzan. “I think you look a little bit like him.”

    “I think I’m better-looking than him,” Tarzan says.

    Before he knows it, he’s sucking on Lyla’s tits, and she’s asking him, “Do you know any moves that your father doesn’t know?”

    “I don’t know.”

    “Well let me find out,” Lyla says.
    Basically, Lyla wants father-and-son cock. She wants to be as naughty as a MILF can be. And that’s fine by us.



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