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    We have bulges in our pants that prove we couldn’t be more excited to see Porsche Dali again, and she’s sexier than ever, too. It’s been two years too long since we last saw this plump GG-cupper, and by the looks of her in this video, she’s just as excited as we are that she’s back. Porsche’s hands explore her body while she seductively gazes into the camera. Porsche certainly knows how to make love to the camera.

    “Do you like my tits, baby?” She asks as the camera pans from her face down to her plush naturals. “They could swallow your cock whole. Don’t you wish you were here to slide your cock in between them?”

    We suspect there are thousands of XL Men around the world vigorously jerking their cocks in agreement right now.

    After a bit of teasing, Porsche pulls her tits out. Her pierced nipples are already erect and she softly kisses both her mams and gives her nipples a firm suck. There are girls that remind us why we love thick chicks, and Porsche is one of them. They have more to love and more to fuck and there’s nothing quite like grabbing a handful of tits or ass while a plump hottie rides your cock.

    It’s the stuff wet dreams are made of. And we’ll be having plenty more now that Porsche is back with us.



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