My Little Becky Bitch

My Little Becky Bitch

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Just in case not everybody knows what the definition ‘Becky’ implies. It’s a quite white girl who loves to get wild anytime anyplace generally with a stronger race! Cover girls showcase the wonderful Chanell dominating the four ft. 10” Trinity who appears like Bambi who is in problems but as quickly as she gets a taste of the sweet chocolate her senses go into overdrive and she can not get sufficient! Then we have Christie who is stacked with double D tits and has such a fat pussy that when the blonde Caroline gets a taste of her young juices, she is ruined for the rest of her life! She now requires that sweet juice each day! Then we have the quite Shae who shows Felicia what Black pussy is all about! Plus extra purring kittys! Meow meow! With Love ‘Meow’




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