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    The Nicole Peters Jackumentary

    Today a busty legend, Nicole Peters of Yorkshire was discovered by a photographer in the United Kingdom. He specialized in Goth and fetish models, not big-boobed girls, so he sent SCORE his test shots instead. We knew a winner when we saw her photos.

    “I went to a photographer because I was interested in doing some modeling to make some extra money,” Nicole said to a SCORE editor. “He put my pictures on the web, and SCORE saw them, liked them and here I am. It all started from there.”

    Our British team filmed Nicole in London and she was a huge hit with readers and website members from the start. Her combination of spectacular breasts and body, pretty face and wholesome girl-next-door demeanor propelled her to enormous popularity. She was only 5’3″ yet looked much taller in photographs.

    Nicole is an artist and only meant to dabble in modeling. “It’s always been a hobby,” said Nicole. “I didn’t wake up one day and decide I wanted to paint. It was just something I did throughout my childhood.”

    Nicole went from extremely shy to confident and assured yet she never lost her wide-eyed innocent look that made a deep impression on SCORE and Voluptuous guys.