P-Chan : From Japan With Huge Boobs

Some XL Girls fans who are Japanophiles will recognize this luscious and busty small lady. A popular major-bust star, Japanese Gravure (magazine) idol and AV (adult video) idol, she’s renamed herself just lately and is now named P-Chan.

P-Chan’s tits are her claim to fame and they are beyond super-all-natural. To get in touch with Miss P-Chan’s twin peaks merely “major tits” is like calling Mt. Fuji a hill. She wears a 36J bra and her bust measures 46-inches.

At what age did your breasts get started creating?
P-Chan: Around 14 years old. Then they did not quit expanding.

Were you usually the bustiest girl in college?
P-Chan: Yes, usually.

What type of bras do you like to put on?
P-Chan: I have to invest in what ever bras match me, so I cannot be picky as to whether or not they are cute or not.

What type of comments do guys say to you if they are fortunate sufficient to meet you?
P-Chan: One mentioned, “I like your tits! They’re larger than Skytree!” This is the tallest constructing in Japan.



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