Physical Education with Kirra Lynne

Kirra Lynne is getting a hard time with her trainer. She’s a incredibly match girl, but her trainer is placing her via the ringer.

“You can not even get via this exercise,” he says to Kirra. “What can you do?”

Kirra smiles and says, “There are a handful of points I can do.”

Kirra pulls her trainer’s shorts down, grabs his cock and stuffs his meat into her mouth. She may perhaps not finish today’s exercise, but she’ll nevertheless operate up a sweat in this sex session. Temperatures are increasing in South Florida, but it is Kirra’s phat ass and tight thighs that are about to make our thermometers pop.

Kirra bounces in a squat position though she sucks his cock. She’s nevertheless acquiring her thigh exercise in, but now she’s enjoying it. And when she hops on her trainer’s cock, she pumps her legs and operates his cock like she’s riding a mountain bike up a trail.

We feel Kirra’s going to add this exercise routine to her regimen permanently.





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