The Pool Party with Anastasia Lux

Anastasia Lux desires to go for a swim at the spa’s pool. She’s a tiny early due to the fact Steve is nevertheless performing his upkeep perform on it. Anastasia will just have to wait a tiny till he’s completed.

Anastasia’s large tits are prepared to pop out of her swimsuit. Steve is attempting his very best not to notice. She asks if she can watch him at perform due to the fact she has her personal pool at property and wants to find out how to do it herself. That’s fine with Steve. He loves attractive girls as stacked and rounded as she is and eyes her considerable assets.

He lets her deal with his extended pool pipe so she can attempt her hand at cleaning the bottom. The signals she’s providing him and her physique language let him know that she’d like to have a very good go at anything else.

Anastasia asks if she can sit in a deck chair and watch him. Her hands drift to her huge all natural breasts and she eye-bangs Steve. The saucy brunette does not want to use semaphore flags to signal her want that she desires to fuck his brains out. She requires his hand and puts it on her large, soft boobs to get this pool celebration began! The swimming can wait till later.


Big Tits


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