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    Renee Ross in Bedtime Playtime

    Two time V-mag Model of the Year winner and star of four XL Girls feature DVDs (K-JUGS and All The Way Renee are fan favorites), the great Renee Ross is back and she’s made her bed sheet into a tent to play hide and peek. Join Renee and see what games she has in mind in her little hideaway.

    XLGirls: Other than at our studio, have you ever met anyone with boobs as big as yours?
    Renee: No, I don’t think so. Every time I see a big-boobed girl, I try to tell them about modeling for XLGirls and SCORELAND.

    XLGirls: Do they ever do it?
    Renee: Yeah. I tell them they need to go shoot. I think I’ve recruited three girls over the years.

    XLGirls: So do you actually walk around with pictures of yourself?
    Renee: Yeah, I have them on my phone. I have a whole file.

    XLGirls: What kind of reactions do you get?
    Renee: They usually say, “That’s not you!” They usually don’t believe me until I tell them to look at my tattoos and boobs.

    XLGirls: Are you still living in Virginia?
    Renee: Yes, I am. And I’m still a nurse.

    XLGirls: Nurse seems to be the most common profession for our models.
    Renee: It’s because nurses are freaks.

    XLGirls: Is that true?
    Renee: Oh, it’s a known fact. Nurses are freaks. That’s all there is to it. I’ve never met a nurse that wasn’t a freak.

    XLGirls: Why is that?
    Renee: I think we’re more comfortable with our bodies and the idea of being naked. I’m totally guessing, though. All you need to know is that we’re freaks.