Rockin’ Roxanne Miller

Who loves fairly girls with heavy breasts and fantastic asses? Who loves a girl speaking in attractive, accented English or her native tongue. Who loves a girl who’s proud of her wealthy, ripe physique and loves to show it off for your pleasure and hers?

Roxanne Miller (XL Girls On Location) has fantastic large lovely boobs, a curvy tush, shapely thighs and calves and a fairly face. She’s proud to be so blessed so she’s paying it forward to you.

XLGirls: Hi Roxanne, what is your bra size now?

Roxanne: I assume I am a JJ. I require to invest in a new bra to know. But there is a funny story about it. I cannot obtain a 36JJ.

XLGirls: What are your measurements now?

Roxanne: 49.five inches about my tits, up from 47 inches.

XLGirls: What about your beneath-bust size?

Roxanne: That is now 36 inches.

XLGirls: Have your breasts ever broken a bra hook or a bra strap?

Roxanne: Oh! So several occasions! I bear in mind one particular time, I was in a club and I was wearing a see-by means of blouse. I went to the bathroom and when I bent more than, Kaboom! The hook exploded! I was like…assume…assume…assume…what to do now!

XLGirls: Have you ever broken a bikini strap?

Roxanne: I had a bikini best that I applied a lot in my cam shows. The strap broke. I watched it breaking!

XLGirls: At least it did not break at the beach. How a lot do your boobs weigh now? Do you know?

XLGirls: You are a photographer your self. What do you like to photograph?

Roxanne: Yes, lately I’ve worked a lot on my photography abilities. I like boudoir and also grotesque. I like ladies so it is effortless for me to get the very best of them. About grotesque… I like a crazy model who is open to crazy make-up and also have the attitude to go with it. Also I am content adequate to know some photographers from Europe and USA, Canada that have noticed some of my images, I asked them to be fully sincere about my perform and I had some feedback that helped me progress. I take pleasure in becoming in front of the camera as a lot as becoming behind the lens.


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