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    Roped-in Beauty

    Last seen in SCOREtv Season 2, Episode 2, Liza Biggs says she has no fetishes, but she was willing to try being roped to a chair, like a modern-day Bettie Page. No one can rope Liza in for long, so she escapes her bonds only to spank a cum out, first on the chair, then on the floor.

    Cooking and surfing, not rope play and tying knots, are Liza’s hobbies. We’d love to see her surf the waves in a tight wetsuit.

    “I’m decent at it,” Liza said. “I can’t take on big waves, but I can surf. I learned in Hawaii, and all of those guys surf 10-footers at the minimum.”

    Liza likes to use a vibrator and watch girl-on-girl porn when she masturbates. The next time she visits, we have to ask her if there are any special girls at SCORELAND she would be interested in playing with.