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    Secretary of Sex

    To have a stacked secretary work directly under you. That is the dream, the goal, the game plan of many. If there were more stacked office workers who dared to flaunt their job qualifications, SCORE believes the economies of every nation would improve. Workers would rush to their jobs. As necklines plummeted, and skirts soared, the market would get harder.

    Take beautiful Sheridan Love, who has more curves than a highway in the Swiss Alps and dresses for success. She looks very sexy wearing eyeglasses. Who would not literally run to their desks just to see Sheridan bending over some spreadsheet? Only a fool.

    Sheridan works in a great office. If it gets too hot, she can take off her sweater without a human resources director running in with a blanket to cover her big tits. And that’s what Sheridan does for starters during this job interview, a job interview you have never had in your life. She has no questions for you. Sheridan just wants to show you what a real desk job is like.

    Now that Sheridan has added pornstar to her resume, comments continue to stream in such as “She is the best in SCORELAND! Please give us some more hardcore clips of her!”

    “Sheridan Love’s body has more curves than a crazy highway, and she looks so fucking hot in that tiny black bikini (“Heat Wave”). That was a lucky dude who got to fuck her. I hope he realizes it. Sheridan is a gorgeous woman with a great ass and tits and a smile on her face as she takes a load of jizz. A woman like her is a rare, exotic jewel who is hard to come by but easy to cum over.”