Sexin’ The Bra-bustin’ Booty Babe

Daylene Rio enters the property exactly where Tony has been waiting. With her tits, tush and face, she is worth waiting for. She’s wearing a prime and a skirt so tight, and heels so higher, it really is a miracle she can even stroll. When Daylene sits down subsequent to him, some thing takes place.

“Oops!” says Daylene. “My ass is so huge I ripped my skirt.” Daylene stands up and turns her bodacious butt to the camera. Sure sufficient, there is a huge hole along the seam of her skirt. Tony tends to make the hole larger by ripping it even far more. That ass wants exposure anyway.

Daylene turns about so he can pull off her blouse and get a mouthful of her huge tits. They’re substantial, match for a king. She sits and gets a grip on his cock, deepthroating him and providing him a cleavage crack to shoehorn his dick into.

Daylene has lots of specific talents and quantity-a single on the list is the energy to get a guy rock really hard extremely promptly. Her pink taco gets wet just as promptly and it really is prepared to be filled with the beef.

There are ladies and then there are super ladies. Daylene does not have to have a huge S on her chest to let the globe know which category she falls below. Her huge boobs precede her and her asstounding ass brings up the rear.

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