Sexy Naughty Neighbors

Kelley’s boyfriend Nick is a member right here on our web site. He is also a subscriber to Naughty Neighbors magazine. He has a point for horny amateurs. Don’t we all? Anyway, he’s been begging Kelley to send in photos to us for a extended time. “He kept bringing it up anytime he was actually horny. Most guys will beg for anal or a blowjob or anything, but Nick wanted to send naked photos to you guys additional than something else,” Kelley told us. “So for his birthday I decided to give him a surprise.”

Kelley emailed us at to ask no matter if we actually accepted amateurs with no modeling expertise. We assured her that we do anything in our energy to get typical girls’ nudes published. We invited her to come to our studio in Miami for a test shoot. Here is the outcome. Enjoy!

Be confident to inform Kelley what you believe about her photos, she’ll be reading the comments!




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