She’s back. Hair’s Gone.

Hey guys. Jada’s hair has been growing for four or five months. It’s reached its maximum length, so she’s decided to shave it all off! Jada’s going all the way with it, too. She trims her armpits and pussy with scissors before breaking out the razor. Then it’s time for the hot, soapy lather. We can practically smell the cream on her hot, wet pussy. Jada gets pretty far while shaving in the spread-eagle position, but she knows that her butthole has a little bit of lightly colored fuzz, too. She gets into the doggie-style position and drags her blade across her delicious butthole, ensuring you’ve got a nice view when you’re behind her.

We hope you’ve enjoyed Jada’s hairy (and smooth!) pussy this week. Do you like having back-to-back Bush Baby days? Let us know in the comments.



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