Shower Show by Dede Lopez

Now you happen to be in for a treat. Dede’s lengthy legs are wrapped tightly in sheer black pantyhose, displaying just adequate of her pussy to tease when she bends more than. She knows how to place on a show. She pulls her lovely breasts out of their top rated whilst leaning more than, biting her lip and inviting you to comply with her into a bathtub. There, with the water cascading more than her tight physique, she peels the soggy hose off her legs to expose her bare pussy and wiggling toes. Slowly she wraps the damp, black nylon rope about and down her milky thighs all the way to her calf, like a snake gradually climbing a tree. The temptress then bites the finish of her undergarment, stretching it from her toes to her mouth whilst plunging a toy deep into her slit. She pulls her foot close to her mouth, progressively operating her pink tongue by means of the gaps in between her dark-red painted toes. When she’s happy with her toying, she lifts the dildo from in between her thighs and slides it previous her soles into her mouth, licking off her pussy juices. Now that is a show.




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