A special delivery for Tracy Licks

“In my younger years, I sold actual estate, which I enjoyed pretty a lot,” stated 52 year old hot wife Tracy Licks. “Then I was a remain at house mom for quite a few years although my youngsters have been younger. As they grew, I had a couple of element-time jobs to accommodate all of our busy schedules, and now I have been functioning at house on my web page for the previous 15 years. I applied to be a soccer mom by day and a horny housewife by evening, but now the children are all out of the property and I can do what ever I want.”

Okay, the web page: She fucks on that web page.

Second, “do what ever I want.” That incorporates fucking Jax Black in this video, in which she’s living at a nudist colony and he’s producing a specific delivery. He at some point delivers his cock into Tracy’s effectively lubed cunt.

“I’ve had a lot extra than a single gangbang,” Tracy stated. “With other girls, we’ve taken on 15 or so other guys, but by myself, I want to say possibly eight, and that was a fairly very good turnout. We did it in an apartment in New York City. We had a mixture of white guys and black guys, not truly as well young but middle-aged. Everybody was good and difficult, and it was pretty entertaining, and I got definitely covered in cum by the finish of the evening. Blowjobs, handjobs, fucking…we have been performing it all.”

That’s Tracy: She does it all. Wife. Mother. Fuck slut.




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