Takin’ It To The Streets with Sheridan Love

Sheridan Love’s boots are created for walkin’ and that is just what she’ll do. Maybe if you are fortunate, these boots may stroll your way.

“I am so proud of the way I appear that I never thoughts going out and flaunting it,” Sheridan stated. “If you have got it, flaunt it. I want guys to appear!”
The streets are quiet tonight. That will not quit Sheridan from obtaining some way to bust out and cum.

What gets Sheridan wet?

“I like the lovey dovey stuff, but I also like a tiny bit of aggression,” says Sheridan. “A tiny rough or some hair pulling. I like getting tied down. Handcuffs, ropes. It’s all fine with me. Then he can have his way with me.”

Maybe we’ll be seeing that. Sheridan by no means ceases to amaze us.

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