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    Too Cute, Too Cuddly with CJ Woods

    An XL Girls photographer desires to play a word game with CJ Woods ahead of she gets fucked by JMac. This is not so quick. CJ is a southern gal on the shy side and applying words like pussy and dick and distinctive words for boobs tends to make her all giggly, smiley and bashful. But performing the deed though we watch is a distinctive story.

    The horny side comes out when JMac shows and goes straight for CJ’s major tits, squeezing her nipples and sucking and rubbing her tits. CJ kneels on the bed, holds his balls in her palm and sucks his rod. He tells her to turn more than and get flat on her back. This way he can feed her his dick though he plays with her splayed tits.

    CJ’s major southern jugs beg to have a cock amongst them. JMac fucks them rapidly and challenging, squeezing her boobs collectively and bringing the tip of his dick to her mouth so she can suck it.

    Now it is time to get inside CJ. She peels off her panties and opens her legs. JMac shoves his cock amongst her pussy lips and offers it to her excellent. The squishing sounds of cock pumping pussy fill the space. They attempt distinctive fucking positions, sandwiching in additional cock sucking as they move about.

    For their final bang, JMac puts CJ in an upside-down piledriver position, her ass propped on the bed, her head on the floor. CJ sports a major smile as he drills her challenging and deep. CJ might be shy chatting about major cock with the photographer but she loves acquiring fucked by 1.