Triangle Of Sex with Alyssa Lynn

Talk about a hot wife! Alyssa Lynn and Tony are entertaining Peter at their location. Alyssa has ready a fine dinner as the guys speak enterprise and she’s hunting babely as she usually does in a tight dress that emphasizes her curves and large tits.

Peter is reluctant to speak shop. Tony calls more than Alyssa and has her sit on his lap. His pitch is coming. She breaks off a piece of bread and feeds her man. Tony tends to make Peter an supply that he cannot refuse. A 50-50 partnership in every little thing. Including Tony’s hot wife Alyssa. Not 50% of her. Not just her breasts. Not just her legs. All of Alyssa.

Tony’s not above pimping out his wife to seal this deal and Alyssa is eager to be pimped. He tells Alyssa to feed Peter a piece of bread as well. And then feed him her large boobs also. Peter accepts. Why not? Peter gets a new enterprise companion and he gets to fuck his partner’s attractive spouse. The facts can be hammered out later. The SCORELAND threesome series continues as new enterprise partners Alyssa, Tony and Peter share and share alike.

Tony and Peter stand up and flank Alyssa. She drops to her knees to jack and noisily suck their cocks. They take her more than to the couch and their 50-50 deal starts. Since Peter is the guest, he gets to slide into Alyssa’s tight small pussy-hole initially although she blows Tony in the initially phase of their triangle of sex!

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