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    Wake Up, Fuck with Jordynn LuXXX

    An XL Girls porn star is born and boned. Newcomer Jordynn LuXXX has got talent. It’s like she was born to be boned on-camera by stiff porn-cocks and far more. She’s got the bod, the boobs, the butt and a organic knack for naughtiness.

    In “Wake Up, Fuck,” Jordynn reads a letter from her roommate who’s operating late. The roommate also mentions in the note that her boyfriend will be sleeping more than. This is Jordynn’s opportunity to fuck the boyfriend and stick it to her roomie. There’s no really like lost involving these two bitches. She pretends to be asleep and below the covers. When the boyfriend gets into bed, pondering that his girl is in it, Jordynn jumps his cock. He does not run out and stays to get a piece of ass. What are roommates for?

    “One of my sexual fantasies was to do this to make porn videos and pose naked and masturbate on-camera,” mentioned Jordynn, who’s produced her fantasy, and her husband’s fantasy, come accurate. Jordynn cums from a line of bodaciously-constructed girls strutting their stuff with their guys behind their hot wives, such as Nikki Cars, Jasmine Jones, Zeta Verrone and Lilli Blue.

    “With my husband, I am passive and submissive. In all other conditions, I am aggressive and dominant,” says Jordynn, who shows that dominant side in this scene.

    Jordynn may possibly have stuck it to her roomie but Rocky offers Jordynn the shaft. It’s karma.