Walk With Me with P-Chan

Over in Tokyo, Japan, P-Chan requires us for a stroll and whilst she checks out the sights and sounds along her path, we verify out P-Chan. Then we go to P-Chan’s bedroom exactly where she can inform us additional about herself and then drive us definitely insane with that crazy-busty physique and cherubic face.

SCORELAND: P-Chan, exactly where had been you born?

P-Chan: Earth, Asia, Japan, Tokyo!

SCORELAND: What are your unique capabilities?

P-Chan: My unique ability is nail art. It’s often diverse. I alter it based on the season. For instance, in June, due to the fact it really is the rainy season, I paint the Hydrangea flower. In winter or Christmas, I paint trees. I can also hide numerous objects beneath my huge boobs.

SCORELAND: What do you like to do in your spare time?

P-Chan: I adore going out to consume with good friends. I also like to go to the motion pictures. I adore horror motion pictures.

SCORELAND: What sort of meals?

P-Chan: I adore Korean barbecue.



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