What A Good Wife She Would Be with Joana

Joana is a pretty thoughtful girl. You can inform that by seeing her videos and listening to her speak. She’ll even iron your shirt. But initially she has to take a break and unwind. Relaxing suggests her all-natural state, naked as nature intended. She then resumes ironing but there is no cause to get dressed once more. Joana can iron in the nude. All we can say about this is, “God, what a physique Joana has!” Takes your breath away.

Said Joana, two-time V-mag Model of the Year winner, “I assume I am 106 centimeters about, and I obtain bras that are 105 GG. I have two brands I like, Maria Jo and Prima Donna. I obtain them on the Internet. I appear for colour and style. I attempt to locate fairly bras, but that is not generally uncomplicated in my size.”

Writes S.C., “Mega thanks for the Joana updates at SCORELAND. I adore this lady so substantially, she has to be a single of the finest European huge boobers ever! I generally appreciate seeing her at your website. She have to be a single of the most common models ever. Please inform me you will continue to function with her, the lady is fabulous!”


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